Holistic Skin Care Esthetician.

Elevate your skincare routine, avoid harmful ingredients & age gracefully

We specialize in achieving significant and visible results for cellular aging, scarring, inflammation, acne, sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, and hyper-pigmented skins.

Every treatment is personalized to specifically address your skincare goals. We offer a robust skincare menu including facials, chemical peels, micro-needling, skin-irregularity removal, dermaplaning, waxing and more.

SpectacularSkin uses cutting edge, minimally invasive and holistic treatments that build and maintain skin structure and integrity.



Love Teri at Spectacular Skin!!!! She is amazing and your skin will feel great and look amazing after you see her. Her services are very individualized and she knows all about skin. I highly recommend her!

Katie Cowan Sentilles


I had cystic acne as a teenager that left me with scarring on my face, but Teri's techniques have diminished the scarring significantly. In addition my skin looks and feels so much healthier. I highly recommend Spectacular Skin to anyone looking for better skin. Teri Lewis is wonderful

Eddie Hutchison


Teri is exceptional! What I most appreciate about Teri is that she has a thorough understanding of the science behind her treatments, techniques, and products. She will design an in-office treatment and home regimen that is tailored to your individual needs.

Gregory Wolfe


Teri is awesome!! My skin has improved dramatically since I started coming regularly!! Make an appointment - you won't regret it!

Helen France Wade

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